one day we meet

Copyrighted © by Pavel Rehurek.

 Pavel Rehurek, living in Vancouver, Canada, recently re-emerged as a contemporary artist whose fine art photography and digital media fusion demonstrate his passion for the abstract, expressionist style of art. He was influenced by some Czech and Slovak émigré artists in the late sixties and seventies.
Rehurek’s innate and skillful sense of colors and forms immediately capture the viewer’s attention. His suspenseful, if not bizarre compositions are juxtaposed in unique subject orientations. He achieves his inimitable expression initially in the photographic stage.He then goes through the processes of cropping and alteration that enhances textures, colors and shapes.
The final results are images that become tactile and desirable, easy to communicate with. Glimpses of Matisse and Warhol are fused with his own vision to culminate in the mastery of post-fauvist contemporary expression.
I changed my mind about photography. It might be dead. Having your vision interpreted by a device, programmed by someone else, well, for an artist, that should not be acceptable. Having as your audience people with scanning skills and no patience, people who never been to gallery or museum, browsing from this to that, that could be a terminal state of things. I cannot see art as culture-less or moral-less effort to shock or intoxicate. Art is a responsible relationship that can ameliorate meaning of life.
 And yet, beauty exists in spite of all of that. It has its own lips. I must not speak for her.

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